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2014 Nov 26th – MCCC Appraisal 2 B&W Print. Appraiser Donald Stewart. by Deb M

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Donald Stewart, FRPS, from Kinross was our appraiser for Appraisal 2 (Monochrome). Donald works exclusively in black and white film photography using a 6X6 Hasselblad and a 7X5 large format camera, so he is well-versed on all things monochrome. In particular, he said that an outstanding monochrome image is one that differentiates the dark tones – the blacks and shadows – and creates a sense of perspective.

His top tip to perfect an image is to keep going back to a place you like and take photographs in various lighting and weather conditions. He returns very month to his favourite spots. He also remarked on how putting a little ‘imbalance’ into an image makes it more interesting. His top-scoring images had a definite subject, that is, something that draws our attention. He marked down ‘too obvious’ Photoshop-type effects and marked up interesting skies that had good contrast and detail, but were not too dark.

Donald was particularly impressed with our club’s selection of portraits, including Margaret L.’s Hat Girl, which received a 20. Congratulations to Jackie M., Colin C., and David M. for also receiving the top mark.

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