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2014 Oct-1 Black Bull Members Night ”Scavanger Hunt I“ by Julia B

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Tonight’s meeting was the first outing into the Black Bull in Mid Calder. A good show of 22 members (with one late arrival) settled down to see the first series of images for the Scavenger Hunt. Gordon welcomed the members along with two new members and hoped that all would be inspired to try and collate as many of the 10 images as possible as we could for the next part of this evening which will happen on the 3rd of December.
Steve explained the format and where he gained the inspiration for it, the idea being to spend the summer trying to get a photo for each of the following categories:
1 Song Title
2 Romance
3 Shadows or Silhouettes
4 Selfie
5 Bokeh
6 Fur or Feathers
7 Panorama
8 Close up/Macro
9 Reflections
10 Livingston Public Art

Song titles from the members who submitted ranged widely from pop to country and western and the Beatles. All of the titles being guessed by the members in the room, with some ease in the case of Penny Lane by Joyce but not many members remembering Jim’s “No Doubt” before Gwen Stefani went solo apparently. The romance category had some contributors offering literal, some very creative images. In silhouettes the club found Bob’s “Elvis” rather shook up by a surprisingly positioned lamppost!

The selfies got people smiling too, from creatively taken angles and reflections to Roy’s downright disturbing hair and hat combo!! Sam’s suggested category of Bokeh proved a challenge and many of the members went with images of flowers with the out of focus areas / light spots in the background. I must admit I googled Bokeh and then tried to emulate something similar and was pleased with my allium. It was the first image I got of the set. We are still to really see Sam’s swirly bokeh in full effect.

Allium – Image – Julia B

The fur or feathers again got a creative mix from the literal (birds, otters and a cat) to still life creations. We even got to see George’s “Golden Eagle” (Harris Hawk) luckily this was just for fun. And I almost got folk thinking I’d been holed up in a hide overnight to get a shot of 2 otters. I had in fact been to the Safari Park! The panoramas took us from Padstow to Birkenhead, Glasgow to Croatia, and Oban to the bridges. I could almost feel the cold which Gordon had to cycle down into as he descended into the Croatian Mist. With Sam taking 18 images to combine to a 165 MP shot of the road bridge.
In close up we saw lots of bugs and flowers (as are popular) but also Roy’s shot of a dog’s nose. I never knew that bugs liked beer so much either Sam! The reflections again proved creative with Joyce showing us the Glasgow Transport Museum with some lovely fluffy clouds and rigging reflected in it’s façade with so many cool lines on the shot. And Sam getting a pensive (reflecting) friend reflected by his laptop screen. George’s Kelpies reflections got some gasps of awe and that was an angle I’d not seen these super sculptures from before.

Livingston’s public art featured in the last category from Dobbie’s poppies (twice) to the lovely light on the Deer Park “Gate”, Sainsbury’s Wave from Bob, and the sculpture outside the former “Bubbles”.

So folks get busy with those cameras and come share your efforts at the next Scavenger hunt in December. Many thanks to those who shared their images tonight, and to Steve for the idea.

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