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2014 Oct 29 Studio and Portable Flash Demonstration

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by Julia B

Last night at the Club was a practical night and most members came equipped with cameras and a range of flashes, triggers or just an open mind to develop their lighting skills.

Some of the membership were downstairs exchanging hints and tips on their flash devices, using both on and off camera flash apparatus. Willie was in the corner with a couple of brollies up, looking very professional. Others free-styled in the rest of the room. Everyone seemed to get something from the evening and enjoyed it.

Downstairs Flash Demos, Photo by Julia B

Upstairs Roy shepherded the members keen to learn the workings of the Bowens lighting set up and set down, and gave a very thorough run through of the lighting system including many of the pitfalls of using lights and stands.

Members then got a chance to take some pictures. Now unfortunately the models available were not of the Miss West Lothian pageant standard, however no lenses were harmed in the capturing of the images. It’s very intimidating for newer studio users to get everything together and remember to interact with the models to get the best out of them.

It was all done with good humour and in a great learning environment so thanks are due to all those who facilitated and to Gordon for bringing mount-board for purchase.

Upstairs Studio Demo, Photo by Julia B

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