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2014 Oct-8 Speakers Night ”Grant Ritchie – Real Edinburgh“

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by Julia B

The last meeting brought us Grant Ritchie from behind the ‘Real Edinburgh’ website and Facebook page to the Institute Hall. 35 members were kept enthralled by his images and talk, so much so, that the break was postponed till the end of the night for once.

Grant explained his journey into photography with great humour, from his street photography blog to the success of the Real Edinburgh images. He shared candid thoughts on why people liked his photos, preferring iconic sunsets to “dog poop and tramps”.

The images themselves were great on the big screen and Grant generously shared secrets of technique and positioning with the membership. I can’t wait to try out some of his firework tips and I need to check out the prices of 0.9 and 0.6 Soft Grad filters for my new lens.

He went on to share his macro and astral images and more recent experiences taking group workshops. But I think that he really piqued the interest of the group when he produced the gimbal mounted Go Pro attached to his Phantom 2 drone. Photographers like toys, and this toy was an instant hit, and literally held us spellbound.

The Forth Railway Bridge – Image – G Ritchie

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