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2014 Sep-24 Travels with My Camera I by Julia B

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16 Members attended the Institute hall tonight and were welcomed by Roy for our “Travels with my Camera” evening. Jackie (one of our new members) was keen to start with her selection of images and took us on a tour of the North East Coast of Scotland and discussing her technique in using hyperfocal lengths. Well done to her for going first and putting her images up for us all to enjoy. Then followed Sam who took us out and about in Edinburgh and at the Kelpies then down to Silverstone and Bletchley Park to indulge in a little code breaking.

HARRIS – Image – Roy P

Next up Roy presented a proshow entitled “Travels in Skye” taking us on a journey up the West Coast via Eilean Donan castle to Uig and Harris. Rob then took us further west by flying us over the pond to New York city. Iconic images of yellow cabs, skyscrapers and all kinds of people of NYC.

We broke for coffee and then Sam showed us how to access the galleries from MCCC on apple and android tablets and phones.

Next up was George who showed us his experimentation over the summer with his flash. From the North East of England, to Torridon in NW Scotland his patient subject (his wife) was beautifully lit in all places. Then Jim whisked us down south to Devon and Cornwall with an epic drive and images of Plymouth, Padstow (Padstein), the lost gardens of Heligon and the Eden project.

Roy finished up inspiring us with the thought to never give up and not bother going on an outing even if bad weather if forecast. He demonstrated that even a rainy morning can turn into a beautiful subject with amazing light through cloud, on water and on a peeling old boat.

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