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2015 Feb 25th – MCCC Speaker Night – Horst Meyerdierks – by Julia B

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Last night the members came out like stars to welcome Horst Meyerdierks from the Astronomy Society of Edinburgh to the club for an insight into astrophotography. He began with a very true statement; the best camera to use is the one you didn’t leave at home! Then went on to explain how to capture images of things that are faint, far away and moving through the sky. No mean feat.

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Betelgeuse M42 – photo by Horst Meyerdierks

He showed us images of planets, constellations and nebulae taken in a variety of ways starting with the equipment that we have to fully guided image scopes. I found it fascinating to think that many astronomy discoveries are still made by amateur enthusiasts.

Sadly I can confirm that all the hotels in Svalbard are now fully booked for the next total eclipse on the 20th of March. If anyone fancies a camping trip, in winter, to the Arctic circle, with polar bears? No, thought not.

A very different and interesting night for the club.

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