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2015 Feb 4th – MCCC “Good Old Days” by Julia B

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Last night at the Black Bull 15 members travelled back to a time before photoshop and digital, to the “good old days” of projected slides. 5 members shared some of their earlier works.

Slide Projector

Jackie started the evening with a fascinating insight to her travels from Srinagar to Ladakh. Harsh lives and rough terrain mixed with monasteries glaciers and Indian ice axe cricket!

Steve then shared some of his early portfolios around themes like Yellow, Newspapers and RL Stevenson. We also saw Denmark and some magic mushrooms, maybe these explained the ‘R is for’ poppy!!

Jim then took us through man made landscapes to big game hunting and iconic americana. Some of his model shots were beautiful (80’s hair!)others were……..good for a laugh (Steve).

Gordon introduced how to crop slides by blanking out areas and showed us his wide range of slides including a great clump of trees that now have a windmill next to them.

Petra also gave us an eclectic mix of images from arty to wedding and heath fires to bikers. She also gave us ladies tips on how to approach potential male models! I must buy baby oil sometime!

Thanks to all the members for their efforts in digging their images out. I spent a few hours but didn’t find my Nepal ones. Next time maybe!!

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