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2015 Mar 11th – MCCC Social Evening with Livingston CC by Julia B

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Last night we hosted a social evening with Livingston CC, which was very well attended by them (11 members who must have seen my cakes on Facebook!)

MCCC Social Evening with Livingston CC - cakes
Facebook Cakes – photo by Julia B

Gordon welcomed everyone and we started the evening with Roy’s AV of Kracow from architecture to woodturning in the beautiful European city. Susan from Livingston then shared her AV of the equally stunning but more watery Venice.

Martin then stepped up to show us his flight into bird photography, amazing in the time he’s been taking photos, with some stunning images.

MCCC Social Evening with Livingston CC - attendees
Attendees – photo by Julia B

Following the break Bob from LCC then shared his East coast seal adventues. Jackie then took us through Hindu Nepal to the Annapurna mountains, via Chitwan big game with big sticks!
Bob from LCC then closed the evening with glorious shots of Brittany.

Thanks were exchanged and a good evening was concluded.

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