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2015 Mar 18th – MCCC Still Life Night – by Steve C

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2015 Mar 18th – MCCC Still Life Night

by Steve C

Eighteen members turned up to experience the joys of studio still life photography. Six mini studios were set up using a variety of lights and subjects, ranging from Bob’s military models and Joyce’s skull (you had to be there!) to Craig’s jewellery and driftwood and Martin’s watches (there was something in the news recently about a jeweller’s in Edinburgh being robbed, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence).

MCCC Still Life Night
Still Life Study – photo by Willie M

More experienced members freely gave advice and tips to folk new to this type of photography and there was much discussion about exposure, depth of field, composition, backgrounds – all the stuff that really matters in this type of photography.

While nobody was brave (or foolish?) enough to use the club’s studio gear, it was an enjoyable and educational evening. We should do it again sometime – maybe using flash instead of continuous lighting.

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