Season 2019-20: Appraisal #1 Prints

October 30th Appraiser : Brian Cathie

Club No.
Arches1Gordon Scott18
Astrid129Richard Mackay17
Bridge of Sighs151Sheila Colthart16
Dahlia146Peter McCaig13
Devil's pulpit162Malcolm Fraser16
Eastern Promise143Andrew Moncrieff15
Easy Jump146Peter McCaig13
Emily118Petra Mackay19
Fence1Gordon Scott18
Finnich Glen162Malcolm Fraser16
Flick161Zoe Halkett17
Forth Lights2Steve Collier13
Giles129Richard Mackay17
Humphrey Sees The Light113Roy Pritchard14
In a Hurry118Petra Mackay17
Incholm Thru the Looking Hole3Ian McIntosh14
Inflight152Peter Baird18
Its Rainin Again164Jack Lee15
KeepTheSecret143Andrew Moncrieff15
Life's a Beach164Jack Lee14
Making Up151Sheila Colthart13
Monday Morning And Not A Sheet Washed113Roy Pritchard14
Moody Blues3Ian McIntosh16
No Closer161Zoe Halkett20
Out of the Shadows13Jim Reid16
Rockyshores KintyrePeninsula98Grace Emerton13
Storm Approaching The Bass Rock2Steve Collier15
Thanks Dad109David Laing15
The Eagle Has Landed152Peter Baird17
The One That Got Away109David Laing13
Three Boats An'metoo13Jim Reid18
Washed up on KintyrePeninsula98Grace Emerton13