Season 2019-20: Appraisal #1 Projected

October 30th Appraiser : Brian Cathie

Club No.
50 Shades of Grey3Ian McIntosh16
Albufeira sunrise162Malcolm Fraser20
Alison162Malcolm Fraser16
All along the watchtower143Andrew Moncrieff15
All Fur Coat and Nae143Andrew Moncrieff16
Bedruthan Sunset79Sam Hanlon18
Bluebell Blur13Jim Reid15
Cosmos Purity2Steve Collier14
Cute Coot Chick79Sam Hanlon15
Dancing in the City98Grace Emerton15
Double Vision146Peter McCaig13
EcoWarrior1Gordon Scott16
Evening Light at HellsMouth118Petra Mackay17
Evening Sunlight Connel Bridge151Sheila Colthart17
Flying Monster Truck149Yvonne Kelly15
Hangin on the Telephone164Jack Lee15
Holding On113Roy Pritchard16
How Much is That Doggy in the Window164Jack Lee15
I Spy152Peter Baird19
Joel 5 Strings3Ian McIntosh15
Keela in a daydream149Yvonne Kelly17
Let It Go25Grant Collier16
Loch Arklet151Sheila Colthart14
Mallaig Harbour129Richard Mackay16
Meadow Meditation98Grace Emerton14
More Tea Vicar113Roy Pritchard13
No Holding Back161Zoe Halkett16
Not Quite Van Gogh2Steve Collier16
OneManBand1Gordon Scott17
Peacock Butterfly109David Laing17
Red Grouse109David Laing17
Sax13Jim Reid18
Silverstone the Stallion161Zoe Halkett16
Skater Girl14Dougie Cockburn16
Springs at Sunrise118Petra Mackay17
Steaming ahead152Peter Baird18
Tallin Sunrise14Dougie Cockburn18
The End146Peter McCaig15
Whats Normal anyways25Grant Collier14
Young Angler129Richard Mackay17