Season 2019-20: Appraisal #3 Projected

February 12th Appraiser : Gordon McMann

Club No.
#weebitlost25Grant Collier15
Abstract Waldorf Astoria LV13Jim Reid15
Achnaba151Sheila Colthart16
Balanced Diet162Malcolm Fraser16
Bass Rock and The Isle of May2Steve Collier14
Beech Mast Silhouette2Steve Collier15
Blackpool164Jack Lee19
Catch me if you can164Jack Lee16
Chelle14Dougie Cockburn16
Colours of Burano162Malcolm Fraser18
Daniela166Wullie Marr15
Dark Times113Roy Pritchard15
Dracula's Nemesis113Roy Pritchard16
Eddie3Ian McIntosh15
Flower109David Laing15
Fueling up79Sam Hanlon20
Hard Shift1Gordon Scott18
Haunted1Gordon Scott16
Jade143Andrew Moncrieff16
Lets talk about this129Richard Mackay19
Lillies98Grace Emerton17
Linnhouse152Peter Baird16
Loch Ard Aberfoyle129Richard Mackay18
Loch Etive98Grace Emerton16
Lost in Thought161Zoe Halkett17
Newhaven sunset79Sam Hanlon17
Opportunities are Never Lost25Grant Collier14
Penmon Lighthouse118Petra Mackay17
Pettico Wick Bay118Petra Mackay20
Rannoch166Wullie Marr16
Red and Green146Peter McCaig16
Red rose109David Laing15
Robyn3Ian McIntosh15
Sentinal Stands Ready14Dougie Cockburn16
Sing161Zoe Halkett16
Stepping Out147Neil Barton15
Tawny Owl152Peter Baird16
Tug of War Men146Peter McCaig15
Twitt A Woo143Andrew Moncrieff17
Watercolour151Sheila Colthart16
Wherever I lay my hat147Neil Barton15
Winter13Jim Reid15