Club Rules

Taken from Appraisal – Rules section


Any person who joins the club may elect to participate in appraisals in any category (please leave the beginner section for the true beginners).
Definition of BEGINNER. A member who joins the club in the beginners section must have very recently taken up photography as a hobby. Beginners will spend no more than two years in this section.

Any member who wins any of the appraisals, or any of the internal competitions, will move up to the next section for subsequent seasons.
If the member wins the beginners section in their first year of membership they will advance to the INTERMEDIATE section.
A member who has won the intermediate category will progress to the ADVANCED section.
Any member who has been a member of another club and has participated in a particular category in the other club will be expected to join a similar, or more advanced, category at Mid Calder Camera Club.
Members may only compete in both Print and Projected Image sections at the same level.