Mid Calder Camera Club

Sunday 6th August

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MCCC at Modern Art Whitburn
We’ve been very pleased to be given the opportunity to exhibit the work of many of our members at Modern Art Whitburn. Around 40 pieces are currently on display, with 18 members represented.
We’d like to thank Modern Art Whitburn for the opportunity and say a big well done to everyone who has prepared prints – they all look fantastic.
Prints are on display until the weekend of the 19th August, so if you’d like to take a look, pop along soon (and why not pick one up to take home with you?).
Modern Art Whitburn
Modern Art Whitburn 2

Sunday 28th May

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Dougie organised a days photography down the East coast, this time heading down the east coast. By all accounts it was a great success and the weather was good too!! What’s next?

Wednesday 24th May 2017

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Annual General Meeting
May I express a huge Thank You! to everyone who attended the AGM. It really was great to see so many members supporting the future of our camera club.
And with the end of another year the AGM voted in the new executive committee.
Stepping down from the committee are Bob, Martin and Petra. Thank you for your time and commitment to keep the club running this year.
It gives me great pleasure to welcome Matt, Neil, Peter and Sheila who have taken up positions on the new committee. Details of the new executive committee are here
To round off the night winners of last years image of the year were presented with their new trophies.
Well done to Keith Laidlaw, Petra MacKay and Peter McCaig (who sadly wasn’t present). Roy Pritchard also received his time share of the Advance PDI of the year.

Wednesday 17th May 2017

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Image Of The Year
Many thanks to the members who came along to make this such a fun night.
Rather than one persons opinion the majority ruled and that’s how the grand prizes of the year were decided!
Congratulations to the winners tonight but an even bigger thanks to the 29 individuals who put in images for appraisal throughout the year. Without your participation, tonight would not have been so much fun. The quality of the images being produced by members has been fantastic!

Mid Calder Camera Club: Season 2016-17 Image Of The Year
“3” by Roy Pritchard

Wednesday 10th May 2017

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Portfolio and Equaliser Competitions
Are very own Gordon Scott was judging this competition. It’s a challenge to judge at your own club and I’d like to congratulate Gordon for getting through unscathed! Well…
Anyway, Thanks to everyone who got involved in both these competitions this year. I thought the entries were great despite what the judge said 😉

Winner of the Portfolio competition was Roy Pritchard with his four images taken using ICM.

Winner of the Equaliser competition was Jim Reid

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

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Thank you to all who attended tonight. We took the opportunity to discuss and decided the themes for next years appraisals and the summer Scavenger Hunt. everyone should have received details of these by email. If you haven’t please let me know. Gordon encouraged feedback from members, what topics would you like more information on, the type of hands-on/practical things that would be of interest. This will help him develop the syllabus and fine tune it for next year. Remember that this is our club and we always welcome input from members.
The final Small Print Challenge of this season had another clear winner with those present. Congratulations go to yet again to Richard MacKay for his interpretation of the theme “Spring”.

Spring by Richard MacKay

Wednesday 26th April 2017

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Due to the Institute Hall’s floor being relaid we had a night out around Mid Calder. We had a good number of members coming along for the evening. Not the greatest of light but good to get out together.
Thanks go to Roy for one of his images from the evening.

Monday 24th April 2017

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West Lothian inter-club Competition
This year the Inter-club was hosted by Livingston Camera Club. Not only did they provide a very yummy buffet but also some stiff competition!
The results were as follows:
Armadale – 223
Linlithgow – 237
Mid Calder – 254
Livingston – 257
So we came a close 2nd again!
Special shout out to Gary for our only 20! and to Gary, Margaret, Jim, Gordon and myself for a collection of 19’s and 18’s.

19th April 2017

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Appraisal #4
Many thanks to Nancy MacArthur who stepped in at short notice to appraise our members entries.
Congratulations to all who did well! However the final appraisal also decided the winners of the Projected and Print competitions for this season.
Digital (Projected) Images
1st. Place Beginner : Sheila Colthart
1st. Place Intermediate : Peter Baird
1st. Place Advanced : Sam Hanlon
Printed Images
1st. Place Beginner : Sheila Colthart
1st. Place Intermediate : Richard Mackay
1st. Place Advanced : Gordon Scott

This means that Sheila will be battling it out in the Intermediate section next season and Peter and Richard are now in the Advanced section! Well done guys 🙂
Can I just say a big “Thank you” to everyone who got involved over the year.

12th April 2017

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Our speaker tonight was Zul Bhatia who entertained us with his presentation “The Serengeti National Park, Tanzania”. Having been visiting twice a year for 40 years now, Zul knowledge and love for this wildlife haven was enthralling in its detail and images.