Photo Editing Software
Pixlr Photo Editor Edit your images for club appraisals (free).
Picasa (Free Imaging Software from Google)
FastStone (a collection of Free Imaging Software)

Digital Audio Visual / Pictures to Exe
WnSoft’s Pictures To Exe Software
Pictures to Exe Help File

Beechbrook Cottage Site hosting many PTE shows
Beckham Digital, Barry Beckhams web site of all things photographic

MCCC Downloads
Mounting and Print Presentation
Photoshop Frame and Text action
Add a Border to an Image
Border 1
Border 2
Border 3

Club Equipment
Bowens Espirit Gemini 500R Manual
Epson R 1800 Printer Drivers and Related Software
Windows 32 bit – You need Printer Driver v6.5cAs
Windows 64 bit – You need Printer Driver v6.5cAs
Mac – You need Printer Driver Printer Driver v6.12

Resource Links
Libby Smith’s Photoshop Notes (password protected)
Dougies Link to “28 Days Later” Derelict Sites that can be photographed in the UK.

You Tube Videos that have been shown at the club
Terry White – Photoshop CS6 – 10 Things Beginners Want to Know How To Do

Photoshop Sites
SketchPad Loads of PS Tutorials
Essential Photoshop Tutorials
Action Central
Photoshop Cafe Links to many PS Sites
Photoshop Support Links to many PS Sites
Photoshop Sharpening Action Jim R’s Photoshop – File Size / Sharpening Action (zip, instructions, 2015)

Barry Beckham DVD’s
Intro to Pictures to Exe
Photoshop CS “The Digital Negative”
Photoshop CS “Colour to Mono”
Photoshop CS “Understanding Layers”
Photoshop CS Beginners Guide Vol 1
Photoshop CS3 “Shooting Raw”

Printing and Mounting

Following on from the recent Printing and Mounting nights here are some links to different suppliers for the items discussed.

MCCC does not endorse or is any way conected to these suppliers. They are just noted here as a helpful reference

Mount Cutter
as demonstrated by Sam was the Logan Compact Elite 350-1 can be purchased here

There are many different paper manufacturers out there and Gordon demonstrated some that he has used in the past.

The On-linepaper Company
Paper Spectrum – who distribute their own brand called Pinnacle as well as others
Canson – Sam’s favourite

Frith and Co Reasonable prices which include postage
The Frame Company on Ebay

Matte Board
Ken Bromley Art Supplies provide a good range at half the price of Hobbycraft!

Photo Corners
Sam demonstrated the use of these


The sites listed here are from other local photographic clubs and society’s,
other local photographers and other useful web sites of a photographic nature

Local Photographic Clubs
Livingston Camera Club
Linlithgow Camera Club
Armadale Camera Club
Biggar Camera Club
Beeslack Camera Club
Midlothian Camera Club
Scottish Photographic Federation

Members Web Sites
Mid Calder Camera Club Flickr Group

Other Photographers Sites
Peter J Clarke Natural history and marine photographer
Exhibitions, Web site of World Wide Photographic Exhibitions.