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The club has a selection of equipment that is available for members to use.

If you wish to borrow any of the equipment then contact Dougie to arrange access. Always return it the way you got it. i.e. packed away properly and ready for the next person to use. Please return equipment on time as arranged. Someone else may have booked it out for use.

If the equipment is damaged or is not working properly please report this to Dougie so that it can be repaired.

Lighting and props

Bowens Studio lighting

We have 3 Bowens Gemini 500 strobe lights, complete with stands a softbox and umbrellas.

These are powerful mains powered lights which are more than capable of lighting a large group of people.

These lights have a modelling lamp built in.

They work off a remote trigger that is compatible with any camera with a hotshoe. They are not TTL compatible.


Godox AD200

We have two of these 200W battery powered strobes. They can be fitted with either a speedlite flash head or a bare bulb. We have stands and a selection of modifiers to complement them.

These lights are extremely flexible as you can use them anywhere and they will provide around 500 full power flashes on a single charge.

They will work in TTL mode and are capable of High Speed Sync allowing for use at higher shutter speeds if you want to darken the background without using ND filters.

Godox X-Pro wireless TTL flash triggers

We have three of these excellent wireless triggers to use with the AD200's .  One of each for Canon, Fuji and Nikon. The manual is for the Nikon version but they are basically all the same.

Video guide here


A heavy duty Bowens backdrop stand with a white and black cloth backdrop.

Focus rail

To allow very precise movement of the camera in close-up or macro photography. 

Attaches to your tripod.

X-Rite Display Pro

An essential piece of kit to calibrate your monitor.

Get your prints looking like what you see on your monitor.

More info on the X-rite website here

Drivers for Windows & Mac here

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