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50:50 Time

January 24th 2024

This week it was another 50:50 night ( or should that have been a 33:33:33 night ? ) where club members offer to entertain their fellow members with something interesting photographically. Tonight three members kindly stepped up to the plate and gave three very different presentations.

First up was Petra who entertained us with tales from the good old days !. Giving us an insight into her first steps in photography with a great range of prints showing a range of subjects and techniques.

Next came Richard who gave an insight into his approach on street portraiture with a number of great images.

Lastly came long standing member Steve with mixed bag of topics. Probably the most interesting was the story of an old glass negative that a friend of his asked if a print could be made from it. The trials and photoshop tribulations of the process were revealed to the audience and the final result passed around for all to see.




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