Scavenger Hunt Topics

Here are the details for the scavenger hunts we are doing over the summer.

Lockdown Scavenger Hunt

1. Family/pets                                 

2. My Front door

3. My Garden                                 

4. Exercise

5. Lockdown food and drink         

6. Metal

7. Technology                                 

8. Tones and Textiles

9. Abstract                                     

10. Reflections   

The lockdown hunt has no time limit. Do it whenever you want or as often as you want.

We hope you can show off your collection during our virtual video meetings. 

Summer Scavenger Hunt

1. Dogs or Cats                                 

2. Round

3. Stone                                             

4. Red, White or Blue

5. Tree ( singular )                             

6. Walls

7. Roofs                                             

8. Signs

9. Pride                                             

10. Abstract

The Summer hunt is to do over the summer break.

We will have a Scavenger Hunt night as part of next seasons syllabus where members can share their images.

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