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Season 2021-22 

Steve Myall - "100 Strangers"

13th October 2021

Appraisal 1 - 27th October 2021

First appraisal of the new season

Ian Boulton - 17th November 2021

"Not a Person in Sight"

50:50 - Sam & Jim

1st December 2021

Andy Hayes - Aviation and Wildlife

9th February 2022

Daniel Bridge - Close-up & Macro Nature Photography - 20th October 2021

Ashley Franklin - 10th November 2021

Part 2 of "The Wider World of Photography"

Appraisal 2 - 24th November 2021

Kylie Martin cast her judges eye over the entries to our second appraisal of the season

50:50 - Dougie & Gordon

8th December 2021

Appraisal 4 - "Open"

20th April 2022

Season 2020-21 

Kieran Metcalfe

Watch Kieran talk about his love of light and the techniques and tools he uses to capture his beautiful images.

Julian Elliot - Nov 4th

Many thanks to Julian for letting us record his presentation entitled "Fjords of Patagonia"

Chris Upton - 25th Nov

Many thanks to Chris for letting us record his presentation - "The Art of Travel Photography"for members to watch again.

David Queenan - 20th Jan 2021

A really great presentation from David titled "Time for Photography". Many thanks to David for allowing members a chance to watch again.

PAGB Lecture - 3rd Feb 2021

This is a video lecture on "Looking at Images - An approach to judging". This generated lots of comment on the night and certainly not as dry at it sounds!

Jerry Webb - Oct 28th

Jerry shared his photographs on the theme Breaking the rules in mono photography.

Appraisal #1 - 25/11/2020

Many thanks to Simon for letting us record his appraisal feedback.

Gordon Scott - 13th Jan 2021

Many thanks to Gordon for letting us record his presentation - "Blippin Eck!!"for members to watch again.

Los dos Amigos - 27th Jan 2021

The 3rd of our 50:50's of this season hosted by Dougie and Jim. Thanks to both for letting me put this up here.

PAGB Lecture - Part 2

Judging demonstartion

Malcolm Hupman - 10th Feb 2021

 Malcom's presentation this evening was on "Where I take wildlife photographs in the UK". 

Appraisal #2 - 24th Feb 2021

Many thanks to Roger Stewart for allowing be to record his thoughts on the submitted images

Ashley Franklin- The Wider World of Photography Part 1 - 10th March 2021

This was a fascinating presentation on photography, the movers and shakers creating iconic images

David Hunt of Wildgrass Studios : Part 1 - 24th March 2021

This is a recorded lecture on the theme of Photographic Opportunity

Appraisal 3  - "Black & White" - 14th April 2021

Probably the most controversial appraisal of the season!

Cherry Larcombe - Creative Flower Photography - 5th May 2021

Appraisal 4  - "Black & White" - 2nd June 2021

John Hudson

Photoshop night - 17th Feb 2021

00:00:00 Gordon - Editing tips

00:43:27 Grant - Panorama stitching

01:07:07 : Dougie - Star trails

01:12:20 : Jim - Organising photos with Bridge

01:24:16 : Dougie - Star trails part 2

01:37:00 : Sam - printing to fit a matt window +

Roz Bonnar - 3rd March 2021

Many thanks to Roz for letting me record the evening. 

Gordon & Phil - 17th March 2021

Many thanks to Gordon and Phil for the evenings content. Gordon Scott :"60 at 60" and "Phil's Guide to Astrophotography" : Phil Davidson

Leigh Preston : Part 1 - 7th April 2021

This is a recorded lecture on the theme of Photographic Opportunity

Dave Mason - I Shoot People  - 21st April 2021

Chris Palmer " Taking Pictures " - 12th May 2021

For all those people who can't resize their images I have made the following video tutorial using Lightroom. 

Need to unwind for a minute or two. Watch the buttercup :)

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