Appraisal 2 - 24th November 2021

Kylie Martin cast her judges eye over the entries to our second appraisal of the season

Ian Boulton - 17th November 2021

"Not a Person in Sight"

Ashley Franklin - 10th November 2021

Part 2 of "The Wider World of Photography"

Appraisal 1 - 27th October 2021

First appraisal of the new season

Daniel Bridge - 20th October 2021

A great talk this evening on Close-up & Macro Nature Photography

Leigh Preston : Part 1 - 7th April 2021

This is a recorded lecture on the theme of Photographic Opportunity

Gordon & Phil - 17th March 2021

Many thanks to Gordon and Phil for the evenings content. Gordon Scott :"60 at 60" and "Phil's Guide to Astrophotography" : Phil Davidson

Ashley Franklin- The Wider World of Photography Part 1 - 10th March 2021

This was a fascinating presentation on photography, the movers and shakers creating iconic images

Roz Bonnar - 3rd March 2021

Many thanks to Roz for letting me record the evening. 

Appraisal #2 - 24th Feb 2021

Many thanks to Roger Stewart for allowing be to record his thoughts on the submitted images

Photoshop night - 17th Feb 2021

00:00:00 Gordon - Editing tips

00:43:27 Grant - Panorama stitching

01:07:07 : Dougie - Star trails

01:12:20 : Jim - Organising photos with Bridge

01:24:16 : Dougie - Star trails part 2

01:37:00 : Sam - printing to fit a matt window +

Malcolm Hupman - 10th Feb 2021

 Malcom's presentation this evening was on "Where I take wildlife photographs in the UK". 

Malcolm is happy for his presentation to be shared with members but only for a few weeks. So I will be removing this video on the 1st April. 

PAGB Lecture - 3rd Feb 2021

This is a video lecture on "Looking at Images - An approach to judging". This generated lots of comment on the night and certainly not as dry at it sounds!

Los dos Amigos - 27th Jan 2021

The 3rd of our 50:50's of this season hosted by Dougie and Jim. Thanks to both for letting me put this up here.

David Queenan - 20th Jan 2021

A really great presentation from David titled "Time for Photography". Many thanks to David for allowing members a chance to watch again.

Gordon Scott - 13th Jan 2021

Many thanks to Gordon for letting us record his presentation - "Blippin Eck!!"for members to watch again.

Chris Upton - 25th Nov

Many thanks to Chris for letting us record his presentation - "The Art of Travel Photography"for members to watch again.

Appraisal #1 - 25/11/2020

Many thanks to Simon for letting us record his appraisal feedback.

Julian Elliot - Nov 4th

Many thanks to Julian for letting us record his presentation entitled "Fjords of Patagonia"

Jerry Webb - Oct 28th

Jerry shared his photographs on the theme Breaking the rules in mono photography.

Many thanks to Jerry for letting us record his presentation. 

Kieran Metcalfe

Watch Kieran talk about his love of light and the techniques and tools he uses to capture his beautiful images.

For all those people who can't resize their images I have made the following video tutorial using Lightroom. 

Need to unwind for a minute or two. Watch the buttercup :)