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Appraisal #2

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

November 29th 2023

Members welcomed Doug Bernt ARPS from Edinburgh PS to run his eyes over the entries for the second of the seasons appraisals.

There were 34 prints and 40 digital images in all and at the end of the night two member’s images top scored with 20 points. Sam Hanlon’s “ After Midnight in Bru, Lewis “ and Howard Dickson’s “Lamplight “ image. Other members images which scored well were Margaret Lothian’s “ A Small Catch “ and Sam Hanlon’s “ Walking in Sunshine “both scored 19 marks.

After the dust had settled it left Sam and Malcolm and Margaret at the top of the print leagues and Caroline and Margaret at the top of the digital image leagues with all to play for in Appraisal 3 in February



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