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Appraisal #2

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

November 24th

It was indeed a pleasure to have Kylie Martin from North Birmingham with us over Zoom this evening to judge the entries for our second appraisal of the year. It was pleasing to see that Kylie had noticed the quality of prints being submitted.

I felt Kylie was fair with her scores and that her feedback was well observed. Mind you some may say I was biased and have a different opinion.

As always may I congratulate the top scorers, well done :)

Below are the 19's and 20's from the night.



*the actual prints will look different than what you can see below *

20 : Dougie Cockburn - "Jen poised"

19 : Richard Mackay - "The Dark Arts"

19: Sam Hanlon - "Seen a few sunrises"


Projected Digital Image

20: Sam Hanlon - "Bass Rock #3"

19: Petra Mackay - "Aaah Food"

19: Phil Davidson - "Drop me a line"


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