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Image of the Year - PDI Winners

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

August 3rd

Congratulations to our winners this year

And many thanks to everyone who took the time to make your choice of your favourite images of the year. I know we always have a moan about the judging but it would seem untoward to be moaning about these results - we were the judges!

There has been some excellent images this year and that was despite missing out on the final appraisal too. It's fantastic to see the quality of the photography at our club and I hope you have all enjoyed sharing your passion for photography as much as I have.

A big thanks to everyone who took part over the last year. I do hope you are encouraged to keep improving and above all having fun!


Group A : Sam Hanlon - Bedruthan Sunset

Group B : Malcolm Fraser - Reflections in Budapest

Group C : Jack Lee - Blackpool


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