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Image of the Year - Print

November 25th

Well it took a while but finally we have the winners for last seasons "Image of the Year - Print". I would like to extend my thanks to Simon Wooton from Midlothian Camera Club for taking the time to judge this for us. Jim was able to hand over the prints to Simon so that he could pick his top 3 from each group.

Congratulations to the winners:

Group A

1st place : Gordon Scott - "Lonesome"

2nd place : Gordon Scott - "Fence"

3rd place : Petra Mackay - "Denisa"

Group B

1st place : Ian McIntosh - "Woody"

2nd place : Ian McIntosh - "Sound Engineers Earache"

3rd place : Zoe Halkett - "No Closer"

Group C

1st place : Wullie Marr - "Simply Daniela"

2nd place : Wullie Marr - "Midday Keisha"

3rd place : Grace Emerton - "Chrysanth"

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