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Appraisal #1

October 27th

For the first of our four appraisals of the year we were joined over Zoom by David Gibbons from Nottingham. David brought his experience in appraising photographs to the selection of prints and PDI's that were submitted by members to kick off the new season.

As always the prints came first. Not as many as were submitted in the PDI section.

A big thanks to everyone getting involved to submit images.

A big congratulations to ......

In the PRINT category

Petra Mackay - "Cia - Cia" scored 20

Gordon Scott - "Goodnight" scored 19

Petra Mackay - "Memorys of summer" scored 19

In the PDI category

Petra Mackay - " A photographer's perspective" scored 20

Dougie Cockburn - " It's all about balance" scored 19

Sam Hanlon - "Lowestoft attractions" scored 20


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