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Appraisal Results for season 2019-20

This has been second year of using the new league format and the competition is heating up. It was unfortunate that the appraisals were concluded after Appraisal 3 but at the time it was the safest thing to do. Therefore the results stand as of the end of Appraisal 3.

Congratulations to the winners this year

Print Section

Group A

  1. Gordon Scott

  2. Petra Mackay

  3. Peter Baird

Group B

  1. Ian McIntosh

  2. Malcolm Fraser

  3. Zoe Halkett

Group C

  1. Grace Emerton

  2. Jack Lee

  3. Wullie Marr

PDI Section

Group A

  1. Petra Mackay

  2. Sam Hanlon

  3. Richard Mackay

Group B

  1. Malcolm Fraser

  2. Zoe Halkett

  3. Steve Collier

Group C

  1. Jack Lee

  2. Grace Emerton

  3. Wullie Marr


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