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  • Sam

Pecha Kucha night

October 21st

What a fun way to spend an evening. Looking at photos and talking about them for 20 seconds. And we did that well :)

It was good turnout in our virtual Black Bull this evening. I enjoyed some very tasty Italian red to accompany the evening before getting turfed out at the end of the night!


Pecha Kucha isn't as easy as it sounds though so I would like to thank everyone who took part: Gordon, Malcolm, Philip, Steve, Kyle, Jack, Zoe, Jim, Dougie and Wullie. Sorry that we couldn't see Petra's 20 images due to a Zoom problem.

220 photos shared this evening.


And last but not least Andy M arrived on time :)

This does set a precedent for the coming season. An impressive start, lol


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