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Season 2021-22 Opening night

October 6th

It was good to see familiar faces after our summer break.

Sadly it was over Zoom but it didn't stop us going over the plans for this year.

The syllabus up to the Xmas break will be over Zoom with 4 guest speakers, 2 appraisal nights and 3 nights for us to entertain ourselves.

The Equaliser will be decided soon by members votes and the Image of the Year has been postponed until we can actually see the prints to decide.

The best bit of the night for me was confirming the winners of the appraisal competition with a virtual trophy presentation :)

Congratulations to our winners for their consistently high quality work over the season. I've collated all the group winning images for each photographer.

Group A

Print - Peter Baird

PDI - Petra Mackay

Group B

Print - Sam Hanlon

PDI - Jim Reid

Group C

Print - Dougie Cockburn

PDI - Phil Davidson


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