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Appraisal #1

November 25th

Many thanks to Simon Wooton for officiating in our first internal appraisal of the season. I thought he was fair and he certainly challenged me to look and think more critically. It was also fantastic to hear his enthusiasm for the quality of the prints submitted.

It was good to see a solid turnout on Zoom for our first appraisal. I think some tweaks to how we feedback and contribute would help the ambience of the evening but there was no doubting the overall quality of the images submitted with some outstanding entries.

The website appraisal and table pages have been updated to reflect the results. All the PDI's and most of the PDI's for the prints are available to view via the club's image gallery. This is the best place to view the images as Zoom dulls the colour and saturation quite significantly. Members can also watch the appraisal again as I've uploaded the video to the video section.


20 : Dougie Cockburn - "The Bond"

19 : Peter Baird - "First Cast"


20 : Gordon Scott - "Grumpy"

20 : Grant Collier - "Nauty"

19 : Neil Barton - "Misty Yellowstone"

19 : Sheila Colthart - "Waiting on the Sun to Set"

19 : Richard Mackay - "What you looking at"


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